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Working theories

A place where I try to keep track of any ‘grand ideas’ which I’ve collected from reading, events and conversations.


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The extent to which an individual believes change is possible, largely determines their ability to affect change.


Fundamentally I am interested in human potential, social progress and how change happens.

My latest blog posts…

The curriculum fashion

Curriculum is very much in vogue. Everybody is ‘doing curriculum’. Quite frankly this scares the shit out of me. As Claire Stoneman observes: ‘although there are conversations about curriculum, there aren’t really conversations about curriculum’. People talking about ‘curriculum tools’, such as knowledge organisers, or filling in pro-formas to outline intent, implementation and impact isContinue reading “The curriculum fashion”

Quiz biz

Many people have turned to quizzes during the lockdown, either as quizmaster or quizzer. There is probably still plenty of need for socialising at a distance. There will also be a need to help pubs get back on their feet when they reopen. Quizzing is a great answer to both of those problems. To helpContinue reading “Quiz biz”

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Ryan Bate is a teacher and political campaigner based in Warrington, England.

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