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Find out more about my background as a teacher and political campaigner.

Working theories

A place where I try to keep track of any ‘grand ideas’ which I’ve collected from reading, events and conversations.

An incomplete directory of links to things I’ve found interesting and provocative.

The extent to which an individual believes change is possible, largely determines their ability to affect change.


Fundamentally I am interested in human potential, social progress and how change happens.

My latest blog posts…

Finding my shot

How Hamilton has made me think. I try to avoid things that are overhyped; or at least I think I try to. I have long had an interest into the period of American history around the War of Independence and the founding of the republic. So when everybody started going wild about a hip-hop musicalContinue reading “Finding my shot”

Farewell to all that

Thank goodness for that. 2020 was a shocker and I am definitely looking forward to a year which isn’t so restricted or under strain. For all the negatives though, I am still thankful for a number of opportunities in 2020… The joy of cookingLast year was when I finally got around to learning how toContinue reading “Farewell to all that”

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Ryan Bate is a teacher and political campaigner based in Warrington, England.

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