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Working theories

A place where I try to keep track of any ‘grand ideas’ which I’ve collected from reading, events and conversations.


An incomplete directory of links to things I’ve found interesting and provocative.

The extent to which an individual believes change is possible, largely determines their ability to affect change.


Fundamentally I am interested in human potential, social progress and how change happens.

My latest blog posts…

The Ignorance Trilogy

I had never intended to write a trilogy of posts, however things fell into place and while there was a unifying thread it made sense to separate ideas into separate posts rather than produce one of my typically sprawling articles. In many ways, this trilogy draws together much of the reading, thinking and writing thatContinue reading “The Ignorance Trilogy”

On cultural capital

In this second in a series of three posts, I look at the concept of cultural capital. This follows my previous post on ignorance in which I argued that challenging ignorance should be a main aim of schooling. Offering cultural capital is a key strand of challenging ignorance and makes it essential that we getContinue reading “On cultural capital”

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Ryan Bate is a teacher and political campaigner based in Warrington, England.

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