On learning (or getting the horse to drink)

In this third and final series of posts looking at how tackling ignorance should be a principal aim of schooling, I reflect on the actual process of learning. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. This proverb has been a perennial plague for teachers and schools. Exacerbated by anContinue reading “On learning (or getting the horse to drink)”

The curriculum fashion

Curriculum is very much in vogue. Everybody is ‘doing curriculum’. Quite frankly this scares the shit out of me. As Claire Stoneman observes: ‘although there are conversations about curriculum, there aren’t really conversations about curriculum’. People talking about ‘curriculum tools’, such as knowledge organisers, or filling in pro-formas to outline intent, implementation and impact isContinue reading “The curriculum fashion”

Lockdown Notes #6: my journey as a culinary novice

In true metropolitan elite style, I have sought to better myself during the lockdown. This has involved finally getting stuck in to learning how to cook… It started with a conversation with a colleague in the pub after work on a Friday. I can’t recall how it came up, but he recommended a food deliveryContinue reading “Lockdown Notes #6: my journey as a culinary novice”

Lockdown Notes #5: the art of queuing

Shopping has become a risky activity. Now when we undertake one of the state-sanctioned journeys beyond our property, we have to socially distance ourselves. On my trips to the shops so far, I have been very impressed with how retailers are managing my fellow plebs as we frantically try to think of things we canContinue reading “Lockdown Notes #5: the art of queuing”

Lockdown Notes #4: the Lockdown Appreciation Society (membership = 1)

Having almost completed five weeks of lockdown, I feel that I simply cannot contain it any longer. I just have to say it. I know I am probably in a minority (and I’ve just had a quick look for any polling data, but to no avail). Here goes: I am quite enjoying lockdown. I happilyContinue reading “Lockdown Notes #4: the Lockdown Appreciation Society (membership = 1)”