From the archive: Not far from anywhere

Before starting this new blog at the turn of the year, I used to have another blog which dated back to before I started teaching. I was looking through my old posts, some of which are sat offline, and I found one which I really enjoyed. It is about walking, it is geographical and it isContinue reading “From the archive: Not far from anywhere”

This much I know…about John Tomsett’s book on teaching

I am 28 years old, I have been teaching for five years and this much I know about John Tomsett’s book on teaching. John Tomsett is the headteacher of a large comprehensive school in York.┬áHe has been blogging about his experiences on teaching and school leadership for a number of years, leading to him drawingContinue reading “This much I know…about John Tomsett’s book on teaching”