Lockdown Notes #6: my journey as a culinary novice

In true metropolitan elite style, I have sought to better myself during the lockdown. This has involved finally getting stuck in to learning how to cook… It started with a conversation with a colleague in the pub after work on a Friday. I can’t recall how it came up, but he recommended a food deliveryContinue reading “Lockdown Notes #6: my journey as a culinary novice”

Lockdown Notes #4: the Lockdown Appreciation Society (membership = 1)

Having almost completed five weeks of lockdown, I feel that I simply cannot contain it any longer. I just have to say it. I know I am probably in a minority (and I’ve just had a quick look for any polling data, but to no avail). Here goes: I am quite enjoying lockdown. I happilyContinue reading “Lockdown Notes #4: the Lockdown Appreciation Society (membership = 1)”

Lockdown Notes #3 – sport, newsprint, Disney Plus and David Bowie

As has become the norm during lockdown, we chat (virtually) and one of the questions that inevitably pops up is how we’re spending our time. The phrase ‘intellectual pottering’ sprang to mind the other day. It sounds very grandiose. Really it just means pottering but not doing anything practical, such as a bit of weedingContinue reading “Lockdown Notes #3 – sport, newsprint, Disney Plus and David Bowie”

Lockdown Notes #2 – coronavirus, time and relationships

The coronavirus, or rather our response to it, has had an impact on all aspects of life. Fundamentally it has had an impact on time: how (and where) we spend time, our routines, and the ‘cost’ of time. It has also had an impact on relationships: who we interact with and how we conduct thoseContinue reading “Lockdown Notes #2 – coronavirus, time and relationships”

Lockdown Notes #1 – thoughts about content, the media, knowledge, power and the humble pub quiz

Next to my bed is a permanent yet dynamic pile of ‘content’ – books, magazines, etc – an iPad too sometimes, my phone a stretch across to the dressing table. I seem to have a pathological dislike for empty surfaces. Why leave them empty when you could have stuff to hand? I’ll normally have somethingContinue reading “Lockdown Notes #1 – thoughts about content, the media, knowledge, power and the humble pub quiz”

Bridging the gap

For several years I have sensed a coming together of several previously disparate strands. Both in education and in politics more widely, new thinking is galvanising around what the future of liberal-progressive thought might look like. Despite this emerging thinking, there also seems to be a disconnect between the possible future and the status quo.Continue reading “Bridging the gap”

On reflection: September approaches

Like some kind of Game of Thrones season finale, four weeks of the summer holiday have passed: it is coming. Together with teaching colleagues across the world currently on a summer break, I am filled with the usual mix of anxiety, foreboding and excitement. What will the new school year bring? Will it be as horrendous asContinue reading “On reflection: September approaches”